Dintou Empire

The Core Region of the Dintou Empire


The Dinto Empire is one of the Oldest nations in the world. It is around 3,000 years old from its founding in 2,000 BB to the modern day. Its one of the last remaining Sholgen Monarchies on the planet.



The Dinto Empires founding is usually stated as when the Col of Ashr, Mibbran, forced the Dintonites out of the Ashr lands and into the vacant coastal lands. The Ditnonites founded the City of Dintolen where they had been forced to emigrate to.

Inland ExpansionEdit

Soon after the founding and settling of the Dintonites, the Colnate of Ashr collpased. The Petty States established were the first Kingdoms to be annexed by the Dintou Kingdom. Most of these cities don`t exist anymore, except for Brugen and Youlenny.


Capital: Dintolen

Population: 75,000,000

Religion: Dantalan Polytheism (99.9%)

Ethnic Groups: Dintonite (86%) Oglu (14%)

Goverment: Sholgen Monarchy

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