Siakpol 1104

Siakpol in 1104.

The Empire of Siakpol was the largest Empire on the planet till the Reparian Revolution in 1114



The Empire of Siakpol was founding in AB 57 when Gaerist Nobels fled Gaera after it was conquered by the Bez Horde. These peoples conquered the small tribal states on the coast and used the largest village, Veckreit, as there capital, they renamed it Siakpol.

Around 200 AB, the Bez Empire (which was founded by the Horde) spied on the Siakpol Kingdom with conuest in there eyes. The king, Koran III, was a supporter of the Bekkan Religon and Bez Culture. He converted to Bekkan on the Emperor of Bez`s will, and was renamed Voy of Siakpol. This slowly trickled down into the Gaer and Pagan Populations, and the modern Empire of Siakpol was founded.

Eastward ExpansionEdit

In 323, the King of Siakpol,Gez the "Terrible" as he is now called, became ruler. He was a Bekkan Fanatic. He Considered Gaerist and Pagans to be of "Lower Life" then the Bekkan people. By his death in 370, around 75,000 Pagans and Gaerist people were killed and 150,000 were force-converted in the Siakpol Area. Another reason for his title as "Terrible" was the Nedreit Wars.

The Nedreit region, which is now Central European Russia, was a high population region, it was rich in Iron, copper and Gold Deposits that Gez wanted. It was also a region of Orthorie Pagans. He launched a massive invasion of the region in 334, and his armies went on a Rampage across the Nedreit Region, slaughtering an upwards of 340,000 people living there. Gez annexed the Nedreit Region and divided it up between the Siakpolan Nobles. His Succesors would continue this conquest of European Russian in close, but less evil, fashion.

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